Churchill Valley Greenway

Protecting Local Land

We are working in cooperation with local community members to acquire and permanently conserve one of the largest remaining green spaces in Pittsburgh’s eastern suburbs for the health, well-being, and enjoyment of current and future residents. Projects like these have the potential to enhance the long-term attractiveness and viability of local municipalities.

ALT currently has an exclusive contract to purchase and permanently protect this rare, outstanding green space.

The 148-acre Churchill Valley Greenway sits on the former Churchill Valley Country Club spanning Beulah Road in the municipalities of Churchill and Penn Hills. Abandoned for approximately a decade, the country club site has begun reverting to natural green space, and is already home to many species of native flora and fauna. Area residents already make use of former cart paths and forged trails; the site is also adjacent to the Bullock Pens Park and Blackridge Civic Association.

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For more information on the project, please find a presentation below and FAQ here. The presentation is best viewed in full screen mode. Find news coverage on the green space project by clicking on the following links: Tribune Review [May 8, 2019], PA Environmental Digest [July 2, 2019], WTAE [July 3, 2019], City Paper [July 12, 2019], WTAE Editorial Board’s Vote of Support [July 26, 2019], WESA [Aug 5, 2019], Sewickley Herald [Aug 27, 2019], Tribune Review [Oct 30, 2019], WTAE [Nov 25, 2019], Tribune Review [Nov 25, 2019], Tribune Review [Aug 4, 2020], Post-Gazette [Sept 8, 2020], PA Environment Digest [Oct 15, 2020], Tribune Review [Oct 15, 2020].

Find more information in this online magazine-style presentation.

Current Community Fundraising Status


We’re excited to announce that the initial goal of $100,000 from the community has been reached!

ALT’s funding plan to acquire this land called for a mix of donations and grants from a broad range of both private and public supporters.

A key first component of the funding plan was the “Community Campaign” to raise an initial $100,000 through individual donations from members of the local community. A successful community campaign is very important not only to help to raise the funds necessary to acquire the property, but also to demonstrate local community support to potential grant funders and elected officials.

As of October 1, 2020, 546 individuals have donated more than $153,024. We are extremely appreciative and energized by this amazing show of community support and continue to work hard to bring new donors and more dollars into the campaign to protect this land forever.

The success of the community campaign combined with formal support from Churchill Borough Council, State Senator Jay Costa, State Representative Summer Lee, and a long list of endorsements from civic and community organizations have helped us to demonstrate the viability of and community interest in the project and are leading to success in the other components of the overall funding plan including substantial grants recently awarded by the Redevelopment Authority of Allegheny County, the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, and S. Kent Rockwell Foundation.

The funds raised from the community campaign and the grants noted above represent significant progress as we continue to work diligently to raise the remaining funds needed by the 2021 closing date. Numerous grant requests are pending or in progress with potential private and governmental funders.

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