Strategic Plan

Strategic planning is usually a critical component of any successful, forward-thinking organization. ALT has engaged its Board, staff, volunteers and other stakeholders in various stages of strategic planning since 1993 including updated strategic organizational plans, fundraising plans, the ALT GREENPRINT and efficiency assessments.

Our most recent Strategic Plan was drafted in 2013 and approved by the ALT Board of Directors in January 2014. The current strategic plan is a five year window of growth and opportunity for an organization in a transitional period. The plan focuses on the core components of ALT’s mission – land protection and stewardship – while targeting opportunities in urban conservation, expanded community outreach and organizational leadership and sustainability.

It is often difficult to appropriately measure the results and success of what a non-profit has done for the community by simply reading its mission statement. Quantifying work plans and communicating the meaning behind our results have been a focus in recent years. In our 2014-18 strategic plan, we have developed 50 quantifiable performance metrics to help us track and measure our results so we can communicate them to our partners and investors. The metrics are updated on a quarterly basis by our staff and reported to our Board.