With a small staff and thousands of acres of land to monitor and maintain, Allegheny Land Trust volunteers help us care for protected local land.

How can you get involved?

Group Workdays

The best way to provide impactful volunteer support to our mission is to attend a volunteer workday. These happen most often in the Spring and Fall and are listed on our Calendar of Events. Volunteer workdays occur at critical times during the year to restore habitat, improve trails, and clean up dump sites.

Don’t see an event scheduled at your favorite property? Set up your own workday with our stewardship team! If you and your group – be they coworkers, friends, a club, a church group, or otherwise – are looking to give back outdoors, connect with our team at stewardship@alleghenylandtrust.org. We’ll be glad to coordinate a service project to align your interests, abilities, and schedules with needs at one of our conservation areas.  

Individual Volunteering 

If you are familiar with a conservation area or already spend time caring for a green space, report your volunteer activity Using This Form. This helps us keep track of who is working where and so we can recognize your efforts. Additionally, you can use the form to report any issues on the land that may need our attention like a downed tree or illegal dumping. Reporting your time also contributes to our funding efforts as each hour you contribute is an in kind investment and is a valuable match for grants to support our stewardship work.

If you’d like to become an individual volunteer with us, please fill out this interest form. We will reply to your inquiry as we are able and appreciate your patience. 

Individual volunteer activities that are always permitted include:

  • Picking up trash
  • Cleaning signs, maintaining kiosks and newsletter boxes
  • Recording observations on ebird or iNaturalist
  • Basic maintenance at trailheads and on primary trails such as trimming back brush and removing debris on the trail
  • Lending a critical eye and reporting to our staff conditions that need our attention

Contact our Stewardship team before doing the following:

  • Removing invasive species
  • Planting anything
  • Trail improvements beyond basic trimming

Volunteers may not do the following without ALT staff:

  • Apply herbicide or any chemicals
  • Build new trails