Know Before You Go

We protect land that contributes to our region’s unique scenic character, biodiversity, and water quality, and that provides opportunities for recreation, education, and enhanced quality of life. We encourage you to explore our publicly accessible conservation areas, and would like to offer you some tips to know before you go:


To ensure our conservation areas have long-lasting, effective impacts for all, be sure to leave no trace when exploring our green spaces. How can you best leave no trace? Be sure to plan ahead and prepare for your trip, stay on our sustainable trails, take everything home that you brought with you, dispose of your waste properly, don’t take any nature with you, respect the wildlife, and be considerate of other visitors. Read more about the seven principles here.


Dawn to Dusk 365 days a year; exceptions may occur without notice.


There are no facilities on ALT lands, so be sure to plan appropriately; always remember to bring plenty of water.


Most ALT properties do NOT have detailed maps on site. Be sure to print out a property map before you go, or take along a friend who knows the area well. Find maps on individual green space pages.


We recommend carrying a few items with you when visiting a green space, including: water, snacks, a first aid kit, a flashlight, bug spray (wear long sleeves, long pants, high socks, and a hat to help protect against ticks) or sunscreen, a map, a fully-changed phone. This way you can rest assured that you have what you need if something happens along your hike.


We like our neighbors, and we want to respect their property lines. Please look out for our boundary markings.


Camping, Fires, and Alcohol. These activities are not permitted on Allegheny Land Trust conservation areas without prior consent. If you have questions, please contact our staff.


Placing and seeking Geocaches is permitted. All geocaches must be registered using this form and follow guidelines set forth by the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, which can be found here. ALT encourages the use of geocaches but asks that you be responsible. Responsible geocaching is using common sense and common courtesy while geocaching, so that what is available today will be here to enjoy tomorrow. ALT has the right to remove any geocache that threatens the biological integrity of the property or creates a nuisance or burden to the organization.


Please find our full pet policy here. Dogs and other pets are permitted on-leash on many of our conservation areas, please find details and exceptions here. For on-lease sites: keep your dog on a leash to keep other people, pets, and wildlife safe while enjoying our green spaces. Please pack a pick-up bag to scoop your dog’s waste and pack the waste out. If there’s an educational program running while you’re at a conservation area, please be sure to keep your leashed pet away from the programming.


We provide hunting permits and allow hunting from September 1 – January 31 on some of our conservation areas. Know the season, and know the conservation area before you go. Hunters wear orange, and so should you.