Ways to Give

There are several ways to contribute including, but not limited to, making a financial contribution, volunteering your time, donating land, and asking your employer to match a gift. Below are details on different types of contributions to help you distinguish which type is best for you. Please find our Gift Acceptance Policy here.

Donate Money

Our easy-to-use Online Form is the best way to contribute to your favorite non-profit and the cause you are most interested in. If the internet or donating online aren’t for you, then you can either mail your check to us or call us with your donation instructions.

Donate Your Land

ALT will accept donated land for either conservation or investment purposes. Conservation Land donations will be accepted if we are able to raise the funding for due diligence, if our Board of Directors agree to accept the donation, and if the land is compatible with our conservation values. Investment Land donations can be unrestricted gifts of lands that have no conservation value, but can be held by ALT until we are ready to sell it. ALT will use the proceeds to further our mission.

Donate an Easement

Many landowners across the country have established their own land legacy by donating a conservation easement on their privately-owned land. A conservation easement would legally protect your property forever by stripping the land of its development rights. Conservation easements are a popular tool for land trusts to protect land while serving as a tax write-off for the landowner.

Planned Giving

A planned gift is a type of charitable donation that becomes active either before or after the donor’s passing. Organizing your planned gifts is an important part of the estate-planning process to ensure your philanthropic goals are met while providing for your surviving family. There are several forms of planned gifts including a will bequest, retirement plan gift, a life estate, and a life insurance beneficiary designation. Depending on your situation, your donation may also provide considerable tax advantages, or protect your heirs from inheriting unfortunate tax disadvantages. Consult your financial adviser to ensure your planned gift will be the most beneficial to you and your loved ones.

Gift of Securities/Stock

ALT and our investment adviser will work with you and your advisers to transfer gifts of stock to benefit a specific land purchase or to support one of our existing endowments. This is a relatively simple way to donate to ALT with tax benefits to you.

Employer Match

Before making your individual contribution, check with your employer to determine if they offer a company dollar-for-dollar match. Often, the completion and submission of a simple form to your employer allows supporters to double their contribution to ALT. If you are unsure if your company offers a company matching program, then consult with your company’s HR representative. Here is just a sampling of companies who have contributed to ALT through their corporate matching program: Highmark, Google, BNY Mellon, EQT, Caterpiller, Verizon, and GlaxoSmithKline

Corporate Tax Credits

ALT is able to partner with certain corporations to help the company receive a tax credit towards their state tax liabilities. If a company makes a funding commitment to ALT, we can work with the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue to secure a tax credit worth between 55% and 90% of the corporate contribution (depending on the tax credit program utilized). This is a worthwhile program to companies because for every dollar they donate to us, up to $0.90 on every dollar is credited towards a state tax liability. Additionally, your tax dollars can stay local, rather than being sent to Harrisburg.

Partner With Us

Our region has so many wonderful non-profits and aspiring companies and organizations. Together we can help to shape Pittsburgh as it grows, and help it blossom into a beautiful, green city. Learn about our partnership opportunities, and contact us to choose one or suggest your own.

Download ALT Partnership Packet