Our Mission

We serve as the lead land trust conserving and stewarding lands that support the scenic, recreational, and environmental well-being of communities in Allegheny County and its environs.

Our Values

  1. We take a proactive and balanced approach to land conservation and stewardship to maximize the greatest public benefit.
  2. We are accountable for our actions and inactions while always focusing on the best interest of the community first
  3. We seek the highest levels of accreditation and excellence with our standards and practices.
  4. We are inclusive and transparent when gathering community and partner input on important issues affecting land conservation.
  5. We always strive to effectively and efficiently communicate our challenges and successes to our stakeholders.
  6. We serve and represent the organization ethically and with integrity.
  7. We are fiscally responsible with our assets, investments, and resources.

National Accreditation

We are a nationally accredited land trust as designated by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission. Accredited in 2010, ALT will hold accreditation status for five years. Beginning in 2015, we began a reaccreditation process, which will conclude in mid-2016. Achieving national accreditation symbolizes a national standard of excellence among the country’s 1,700 land trusts, and only 350 land trusts nationwide have achieved this prestigious accreditation status.

Why Accreditation Matters – Land Trust Accreditation Commission



We authored and adopted our GREENPRINT in 2010, and it was integrated into the county’s Comprehensive Plan as well. This document guides our process of identifying and prioritizing Pittsburgh-region green space by examining biodiversity, scenic character, and water management functions.