Supporter Stories

ALT has thrived thanks to help from hundreds of supporters ranging from casual volunteers to major donors. We’ll share stories from our supporters that have helped us become the organization we are today.

We’re always collecting stories; if you have one you’d like to share, please contact our team at


Kathy Frankel is one of 25 supporters we began featuring for our 25th anniversary. We're working to tell the story of how conservation happens in our communities-- it always requires people, first and foremost. The following is a story of how Kathy has helped conservation happen in our region.


For the past ten years, Rick Duncan has canoed to Sycamore Island at least two times each week seven months of the year where he volunteers as the lead site steward. He clears and maintains trails that he helped to map, flag, and build all those years ago, and he recounts the island's history from memory to visitors.


When evaluating a new project, ALT staff and Board members use “The Stanny Scale” in the field, and when supporters seek information on recent and upcoming projects in our region’s conservation landscape, they can turn to our VISTAS newsletter. It’s supporter and former Board member Tim Stanny that we owe our thanks to for these & more resources.


Of 147 bird species logged at Barking Slopes Conservation Area, Todd Hooe has logged 142. An avid volunteer and member of ALT, Todd has volunteered for 5+ years logging bird species, monitoring green space trails and boundaries, sharing photographs, and providing helpful insight to planning processes. Read more about Todd's experience.

Harry Meyer

Harry Meyer of McDonald has a farm. E-I-E-I-Oh, how thankful we are that he's dedicating it to conservation and education for future generations.