What We Do

Allegheny Land Trust (ALT) helps local people save local land in the Pittsburgh region. Since 1993, ALT has conserved more than 3,700 acres of land that contribute to the well-being of surrounding communities by providing convenient access to green space, enhancing property values, providing habitat and scenic beauty, and helping to address the regional threats like air and water quality, flooding, and access to outdoor education and recreation. Find our Strategic Plan here.

ALT is supported by local foundations, businesses, and residents, as well as the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Department of Community and Economic Development, and other state and county funding sources.

The conservation areas that ALT owns are accessible to the public for passive recreation, and many are available for limited hunting. See the Hunting Policy.

ALT also holds conservation easements on land owned by others. Easements serve to protect land owned by others, but maintained, permanently protected, and monitored by ALT staff.