Lowries Run Slopes

493 Lowries Run Road, Pittsburgh, 15237

  • 16 Acres
  • 2001 Year Protected
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Lowries Run Slopes encompasses cool, shaded, damp North-facing slopes that create a perfect habitat for rare species and Species of Special Concern.

Hunting is not permitted on this conservation area.

Parking is located at the back of Bruster’s Ice Cream Shop on Lowries Run Road. Ask for permission from an attendant at Bruster’s to park. Please, be sure to thank them, and perhaps treat yourself to an ice cream cone.


ALT purchased this property for the neighbors who called for green space in the area, and in the interest of protecting the Biological Diversity Area that is threatened by rapid development of the region. This site is victim to illegal dumping that ALT site stewards have been vigilant in their cleaning, removal, and prevention of the trash.

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