Hunt Road

Hunt Road, Sewickley, 15143, United States

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In December 2015 Allegheny Land Trust secured the Hunt Road property, which rests near the corner of Hunt Road and Henry Road in the municipality of Bells Acres. The 28-acre plot offers plenty of green space and protection to the land and all of its inhabitants – plants and animals alike.

Hunt Road is found within the Campmeeting Woods Biological Diversity Area (BDA) and encompasses part of the headwaters of the Little Sewickley Creek, which makes this area a buffer zone for water quality that will flow onward to other bodies of water. It is a second growth forest area predominately made up of American Beech, White and Northern Red Oak, and Silver Maple.

Restricted hunting is permitted at this property. We ask that hunters please read our Hunting Policy and apply for a free permit before hunting on any Conservation Area.


This property once operated as a privately owned mink farm and held other scattered structures; it now flanks a residential homestead on the corner of Hunt and Henry Road. The property historically possessed a small garden and a small apple orchard, which can be seen via its remnants today.

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