Girty’s Woods

Help Save Girty’s Woods: A Current Conservation Project

These 155-acre woodlands slope from the peaceful, residential streets of Reserve Township, past the southern end of Shaler township, down to the densely-populated downtown of Millvale Borough. Find a map of the land here, and a conservation project brochure here.

Together, we have the opportunity to protect Girty’s Woods forever to create passive recreation opportunities, absorb heavy rainwater that would otherwise overwhelm Girty’s Run watershed, and preserve wildlife habitat for a variety of native flora and fauna already calling it home.

ALT is working with the local community, the municipalities of Reserve, Millvale, and Shaler, as well as various other local, state, private, and public supporters to purchase this land for permanent protection.

Girty’s Woods is accessible by a port authority bus route, a regional trail, and by the feet of thousands of neighbors within walking distance of the green space. The land features an informal network of crisscrossed trails winding through the green space passing scenic overlooks, open fields, wetland areas, relics of the area’s resource extraction, and a recovering biodiverse forest.

Check out the media buzz on the project: Post-Gazette [July 13], Shaler Area School District Newsletter [September 22], Tribune-Review [September 23], Tribune-Review [October 13], Tribune-Review [October 21], KDKA [January 21].

We hope you’ll join the effort to permanently protect this “best kept secret” by making a donation today. To stay up-to-date on the project, donate at the link below and sign on to the Girty’s Woods email list here.

If you’d like to become involved in helping to protect this project as an individual, corporate group, organization, or other participant, then please contact Lindsay Dill at

Funding Plan

ALT needs $704,626 by March 31, 2021 to permanently protect Girty’s Woods. The funding plan to protect this green space calls for a mix of grants and donations from a broad range of both private and public supporters.

The first key component of the funding plan is the “Community Campaign” to raise $40,000 through individual donations from members of the local community. A successful community campaign is very important not only to help to raise the funds necessary to acquire the property, but also to meet local match requirements for grants and to demonstrate local community support to potential grant funders and elected officials.

We’re excited to announce that the initial goal of $40,000 from the community was reached the week of October 12, 2020! We are extremely appreciative of and energized by this amazing show of community support and continue to work hard to bring new donors and more dollars into the campaign to protect this land forever. As of January 26, 2021, the community has raised more than $50,409 to help #SaveGirtysWoods!

The fundraising plan seeks remaining support from grant funding, corporate sponsorship, workplace match options, and more. Below you’ll find our current status bar representing how much money we’ve raised for the total project. We need to fill in the below bar by March 31, 2021 to officially protect Girty’s Woods forever. Individual donations will continue to help us close the gap. Please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring this project, or simply donate now.


UPDATED January 26, 2021. Total includes funds held directly by ALT and by individual donor pledges.

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