Current Land Protection Projects

We currently have three major land conservation projects under contract for protection. We’re working closely with the neighboring communities to ensure these rare green spaces are permanently protected for the benefit of current and future generations. Learn more about the individual projects by following the links below to their respective pages.


Gateway Woods Conservation Project

The Gateway Woods Conservation Project is located in the Municipality of Monroeville, adjacent to Pitcairn Borough, and visible from Turtle Creek Valley communities. Conserving this 124-acre land would create 425 contiguous acres of green space by connecting Sugar Camp ParkMonroeville Community Park WestMonroeville Community Park East, and Mosside Slopes

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Photo of Lowries Run water glittering in the sun on a spring day in 2023.

Lowries Run Slopes Expansion Project

Located in Ross Township along Lowries Run, this 24-acre green space is directly adjacent to ALT’s existing Lowries Run Slopes Conservation Area and would serve as a large connection to Ross Township’s Marion Doulton Green Space, thus creating a 67-acre contiguous greenway in this busy suburban setting.

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Two people standing on a grassy hillside in Spring at the Panhandle Greenway conservation project overlooking a scenic, wooded vista.

Panhandle Greenway Conservation Project

Located in South Fayette and Collier Townships, the Panhandle Greenway Conservation Project comprises 221 acres of woodlands in the rapidly-developing and flood-vulnerable Robinson Run Watershed and along the scenic corridor of the popular Panhandle Trail. This “keystone” project would create an ecological, recreational, and place-making greenway unlike any in the region. 

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Photo of a child running along a former access road at the St. Johns Community Conservation project. Trees and flowering bushes surround the child as the site returns to a natural state.

St. Johns Community Conservation Project

Allegheny Land Trust is excited to be working hand-in-hand with the Brighton Heights neighborhood deliver a natural stormwater management area on the former St. John’s Hospital site.

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