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In the center of Garfield sits a 1.5-acre plot of green space that’s made up of 15 adjacent parcels of land. Over the years, this green space served as a farm, a community learning and gathering space, and as an unofficial trail for nearby Garfield residents. Today, we’re working to permanently protect this land as community green space.

Over the past two years ALT has worked with individuals in the community, the Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation (BGC), and the nearby Environmental Charter School (ECS) to create a collaborative vision for the site. The goal for the green space is to open it for public use as a place for passive recreation and enjoyment of nature, community gardening, and an active outdoor classroom for ECS. Additionally, the protection of the land will deliver a host of environmental benefits that will further enhance the neighborhood including improved air and water quality, stormwater absorption, sound buffering, urban cooling, wildlife habitat protection, and more.

There are three primary outcomes of this project:
• The acquisition of this rare 1.5 acres of urban green space for its permanent conservation as a community green space.
• The active stewardship of the land by community partners to facilitate its transformation to a safe and productive natural area by maintaining and improving its scenic beauty, natural habitat capacity, and basic user features and amenities (removal of invasive and the planting of native plants, walking paths, outdoor classroom space, gardening plots, natural play areas, etc).
• The on-going utilization of the area for other community and environmental purposes including environmental education, gardening programs, small gatherings, and other as defined by community and partners.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! We need to raise $5,600 to make this project a reality; these dollars help both to close our funding gap and to demonstrate significant local support to larger state funding agencies and local foundations. We hope you’ll help us protect Healcrest as a permanent Garfield green space. If you have questions about the project, please contact Alyson Fearon, ALT’s Senior Director of Community Conservation & Resiliency, at afearon@alleghenylandtrust.org. To stay up to date on this project, you may also contact that same email and keep an eye on this webpage. 

Recent Media Coverage: The Bulletin September 2021

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