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Wingfield Pines: Pet Policy

Effective January 12, 2020: dogs and all pets will no longer be permitted at Allegheny Land Trust’s Wingfield Pines Conservation Area.

After a two-year effort to facilitate a working balance that would meet conservation and education goals for Wingfield Pines while accommodating thousands of visitors who utilize the green space for a wide variety of passive recreational activities, ALT’s Board of Directors in consultation with ALT staff has determined that the presence of dogs is not compatible with these objectives.

ALT designated and communicated specific on-leash and off-leash areas on the property as an earnest attempt to curb the incompatible negative effects being caused by the negligence of some irresponsible dog owners (dogs harassing or pursuing wildlife, dog waste being left on trails, and dog-on-dog and dog-on-human confrontations). Unfortunately, these regulations have been repeatedly ignored, leading ALT’s Board to conclude that prohibiting dogs from the site is the only remaining option. Excluding dogs from conservation areas is not an unusual practice by other Land Trusts.

Please be advised that this policy will be strictly enforced in partnership with the Upper St. Clair Police Department. Pet owners or guardians found to be in violation of the policy will be held legally responsible for their actions. If you see someone breaking the rules, please call the Upper St. Clair Police Department at (412) 833-1113, or the ALT office at 412-741-2750 to report the problem.

Allegheny Land Trust, its partners, and supporters will continue to work diligently on the long-term process of improving Wingfield Pines habitat. We encourage individuals of all ages, interests, and abilities to join in these ongoing stewardship efforts or to simply enjoy the beauty, solitude, and intrigue of this special place. Wingfield Pines will continue to welcome visitors from dawn to dusk daily.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Allegheny Land Trust

Board of Directors & Staff

Please find our pet policy details here.

For those with additional questions, please review these Frequently Asked Questions, send us an e-mail at, or call our office at 412-741-2750.