St. John’s Project

Protecting Local Land

Allegheny Land Trust is excited to be working hand-in-hand with the Brighton Heights neighborhood deliver a natural stormwater management area on the former St. John’s Hospital site.

Community outreach and surveys have resulted in tentative plans for a multi-use natural area that will incorporate stormwater capture as well as natural areas for neighbors to enjoy for passive recreation. At this time, we are completing our fundraising phase, and working on the necessary permit and ordinance requirements for the project.

To view a map and a preview of what the community survey letter read, please view this PDF. 


We are keeping the large rain garden on the McClure Ave. side of the St. Johns site to manage the stormwater that naturally flows down the alley off Hubbard St. into the site. We’ve planned a gravel trail that loops the rain garden to create a walking path on the site. The upper part of the site next to Fleming Ave. will have more flexibility under the reduced plan. Currently, aside from cleaning up the old driveways, we plan to create a gentle depression and plant stormwater meadow in the three-lobed space on the drawing. 

The current site design will renovate and rehabilitate the entire site, from the current parking areas to removing the last handful of demolition materials, while still reserving space for elements important to community members. We will preserve as many trees as are healthy and good for the site and have replanting of trees, shrubs, grasses, and installing gravel walking paths planned for everywhere else.


  • We have now raised 70% of the total funds needed for this project. Support has come from: 
    • PA DCED’s Watershed Restoration and Protection Program
    • PA DEP’s Protection’s Growing Greener Program
    • Urban Redevelopment Authority’s Neighborhood Initiatives Fund
    • Heinz Foundation
    • Other Local Foundations
  • ALT is working on the next phase of fundraising which includes a mix of private partnerships, state funding, local philanthropic contributions, and contributions from local government.

If you have questions about the project, please contact ALT’s Community Conservation Director Tom Mulholland at To stay up to date on this project, you may also contact that same email and keep an eye on this webpage. 

Recent Media Coverage: The Brighton Heights Citizens Report “St. John’s Site Update” – September 2021, WESA “Since the pandemic, protecting urban green spaces has become even more important in Pittsburgh” – November 2021