Reserve & Shaler Land Protection Project

Protecting Local Land

Allegheny Land Trust is working to protect 62 acres of stunningly beautiful farm and forest land in the Girty’s Run Watershed in Reserve & Shaler Townships, upslope and upstream from Millvale Borough, and near downtown Pittsburgh. ALT is collaborating with the current landowner and a future farmer to protect the total 62 acres of land – 46.24 acres is to be acquired by ALT for permanent green space and 15.61 acres is to be acquired by another farmer for continued agricultural use (see map at the bottom of this page).

This project would protect the health and well-being of current residents and future generations, enhance the long-term attractiveness and viability of surrounding communities, and contribute to overall regional environmental sustainability. The benefits that could come from protecting this land are many:

  • Preserve the natural scenic beauty of this rare, highly visible hilltop land
  • Absorb 51 million gallons of rainwater annually to mitigate Girty’s Run flooding
  • Sequester approximately 250,000 pounds of carbon annually
  • Expand protected and connected habitat for native wildlife and plants
  • Potential for future connection with ALT’s nearby Girty’s Woods conservation area
  • Protect the unique rural and agrarian character of the community
  • Contribute to municipal MS4 pollution abatement requirements
  • Proactively addresses community and regional resiliency

ALT must raise $650,000 by the end of December 2022 to successfully protect the land, which is currently under contract. ALT has a multi-faceted fundraising plan in place that includes state, local, and foundation grants as well as community matching dollars. If all grants are successful, the project will need $50,000 from the local community to unlock grants and close the funding gap. 

Like all of ALT’s land protection efforts, community support will be essential to the success of this project. The project has received endorsements from Millvale Borough, Millvale Community Development Corporation, Millvale Ecodistrict, New Sun Rising, Northern Area Environmental Council, Shaler Township, and the Triboro Ecodistrict. We hope you’ll help protect this land forever by making a contribution today.

Recent Media Coverage: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (8/17) 

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Community Fundraising Progress:


Progress Bar Updated 8/17/2022.