2 Green Space Expansion Projects

ALT is working on two expansion projects made up of four parcels of land— two in Bell Acres borough (Bell Acres Expansion) and two in Franklin Park borough (Franklin Park Expansion).

Local fundraising campaigns have already launched, and ALT will need the community’s support to make the projects happen.

Each project’s parcels present opportunities to expand upon each community’s access to quality green space offering significant benefits to the region’s scenic quality, biodiversity, and water quality.

The two parcels under contract in Bell Acres total 85 acres, and are in close proximity to 28 acres protected by ALT last year. Grants totaling $30,000 acres have already been secured, $390,000 are pending, and the larger grants will require a critical local match of $21,000.

Protecting these two parcels will have a profound, lasting positive benefit on the Bell Acres community in the form of quality trail access, improved air and water quality, and a positive influence on surrounding property values. Most importantly, these natural lands will contribute to Bell Acres’ unique, beautiful, rural character, which makes the community such a desirable place to live and work.

The two parcels under contract in Franklin Park total 12.5 acres, and are adjacent to ALT’s recently-protected Linbrook Woodlands. Grants totaling $77,000 have already been secured, and require a local match of $25,000.

For many living in Franklin Park, Linbrook Woodlands has provided a destination for hiking, biking, and bird-watching (more than 100 species that have been spotted there!). These two parcels will expand those opportunities while also protecting the Borough’s scenic quality, biodiversity, and Big Sewickley Creek water quality.

Here is an October 11 press release from ALT regarding a $30,000 grant from The Pittsburgh Foundation for a parcel that is part of the Bell Acres Expansion project.

Here is an October 19 article in the Tribune Review via the Sewickley Herald regarding the two projects.

To donate to either or both of these projects, please visit ALT’s Donate Form.