New Land Protection Project: 70 Acres

A father helping his young son bait a hook stops to point out a great blue heron gliding silently through dappled sunlight above the stream in search of prey in the sparkling creek water. A cyclist slows her pace to allow a gaggle of turkey to cross the road in front of her. Wildflowers create a collage in a meadow that several equestrians trot through.

No, this is not Colorado or the beautiful Laurel Highlands; it’s right here in Allegheny County, fewer than 15 miles from downtown. It is the serene landscape in the Big Sewickley Creek and Little Sewickley Creek Watersheds in Bell Acres and Franklin Park.

We have these 70 acres under contract, and need your help to close the deal. We have already raised through grants and donations a significant portion of the total toward acquiring this green space, but to complete the transaction we need to raise another $27,000 by the end of the year.

We need your help to raise this money and keep our community green, pristine, and wooded. So, please use our website to make your tax-deductible contribution today, and know that you are protecting this land forever.

Read more about this project in our latest edition of Vistas or in a Sewickley Herald article

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