Nature Nearby

Continuing to gain knowledge past our childhood is essential to stay young at heart and ALT is eager to engage adults in learning both on our properties and at your location.  These programs are presentation style with hands-on activities and/or manipulatives like skins, feathers or nests to keep participants engaged. Social clubs, adult living communities, educator trainings, and other gatherings are great ways to utilize our Nature Nearby series.

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Educators’ Corner

These programs are designed to meet Act 48 and/or PQAS hours.

  • From Ew to Ah Ha!
  • Getting Little Feet WET
  • Growing Your Garden of Knowledge
  • Healthy Water Healthy People
  • Project WET
  • WOW: Wonders of Wetlands

Healthier Living

  • Bring Nature to Your Yard: Learn how you can create a wildlife wonderland in your yard! Important plants for birds and insects will be discussed, as well as how to create the perfect homes for creatures such as birds, bats and toads.
  • Composting Made Easy: How can you create a sustainable compost bin right in your backyard? Learn how to create various types of composting bins and know what you can and cannot put inside them.
  • Eat Your Backyard: Learn how to correctly identify both edible and poisonous plants commonly found in Pennsylvania. We will also explore some traditional medicinal uses of plants.
  • World’s Water: Explore the environmental and financial benefits of “greening” your use of water.

Nature Nearby

  • Bald Eagles: The fascinating political and natural history behind this great American symbol will be explored.
  • Birding in Your Backyard: Learn the identifying characteristics and calls of some of the most common backyard birds.
  • Butterflies: One of nature’s most beautiful and colorful creatures will be explored during this program. Learn how to identify butterflies as they fly by! We’ll even explore their night time counterparts, moths!
  • From “Ew” to “Ah-ha”!: Could a rattlesnake save your life? Is a cockroach really dirty? Study the fascinating biology behind some of the most commonly misunderstood creatures.
  • Hummingbirds: Hummingbirds are feats of nature! Explore Pennsylvania’s only hummingbird, the Ruby Throated Hummingbird, and its foreign relatives.
  • Incredible Insects: There are far more insects on the planet than human beings! Learn how these creatures have been able to adapt and thrive and learn to identify a few common families of insects.
  • Nature’s Knockoffs: Get to know some of Pennsylvania’s flora and fauna and their confusing counterparts!
  • Raptors of PA: What is a raptor and how is it different from other birds? Learn how to distinguish between Pennsylvania’s raptors; including hawks, owls and eagles.
  • Reptiles of PA: How many cold-blooded creatures call Pennsylvania home? Learn some of the incredible natural history behind these animals.