Mosside Boulevard Corridor

With the help of the surrounding community, we’re ensuring that the Mosside Boulevard Corridor remains green for current and future generations.

At ALT, we protect our region’s remaining green resources in response to rampant development that is far outpacing our region’s population growth. We’ve protected more than 2,400 acres of green space, and every resident of Allegheny County now lives within 12 miles of one of our conservation areas. While our work has significantly improved and ensured the protection of green space in our region, we have much left to do.

Help us protect Monroeville green space by supporting the new 67-acre parcel that expands the Mosside Slopes conservation area.

Donate Today to Help Protect the Mosside Boulevard Corridor

If you’ve driven along Mosside Boulevard toward Wall, you know that the road seems to travel through a lush, green tunnel in the summer as the leaves fill in and wave with the wind. It’s a scenic and much-welcomed respite from the nearby noise, asphalt, and traffic. In 1999, the land conservation non-profit Allegheny Land Trust (ALT) worked with a Monroeville resident to ensure that part of this green corridor would remain this way forever. This was the beginning of the Mosside Slopes Conservation Area.

The 14-acre Mosside Slopes is part of the 2,400 acres that Allegheny Land Trust permanently protects across the area to ensure that our communities maintain the green spaces that contribute to our region’s scenic beauty, flood control, air and water quality, biodiversity and opportunities for recreation and education. All while enhancing nearby property values.

Since ALT worked with landowner Marge Gibson to protect Mosside Slopes almost 20 years ago, the steady march of development has consumed countless acres of the remaining and increasingly-scarce green space in Monroeville. But today, we have a unique and exciting opportunity to protect the rest of the beautiful Mosside Boulevard Corridor by acquiring 67 wooded acres that are both adjacent to and across the street from the current Mosside Slopes Conservation Area.

We have been working for nearly one year to secure this acquisition that would forever protect the roadside creek, pleasant waterfalls, and dense foliage that earns the boulevard its verdant name. Protecting these acres would help to mitigate road flooding, maintain air quality, and provide wildlife habitat on both sides of the road for nearly a mile! Additionally, the land abuts Monroeville Park East, creating the opportunity for recreational hiking and perhaps mountain biking connections down through the valley.

ALT has secured most of the funding needed to acquire and care for the land, but we’ll need your help to get us to the finish line to protect this unique green space forever.

We must raise $12,000 from the community to fulfill the required local match needed to unlock larger grants and complete the acquisition and steward the property. With your help, we can ensure the entire Mosside Boulevard Corridor remains forever green!

Please help us to seize the opportunity to protect these 67 acres of Monroeville green space forever by donating today to make your tax-deductible contribution.

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