Lowries Run Slopes Expansion Project

Protecting Local Land

SUMMARY & PROGRESS (updated 4/10/2024): We Did It! Thanks to our partners and supporters like you, we were able to successfully conserve 24 acres of green space in Ross Township along Lowries Run. These woodlands are directly adjacent to ALT’s existing Lowries Run Slopes Conservation Area and now serve as a large connection to Ross Township’s Marion Doulton Green Space, thus creating a 67-acre contiguous greenway. 

BENEFITS | The land’s permanent conservation benefits the health, well-being, and enjoyment of current and future residents by protecting biodiversity, air and water quality, and local scenic character as well as create expanded opportunities for close-to-home passive recreation and environmental education.

Protecting this land helps address water quality and flooding issues in Lowries Run by allowing the continued absorption of 20 million gallons of rainwater annually. It also helps maintain air quality by annually sequestering 97,000 pounds of carbon and removing 1,700 pounds of other pollutants.

FUNDING | A total of $560,000 was needed to conserve the land. ALT applied a multi-pronged funding plan involving the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, the PA Department of Community and Economic Development, the Redevelopment Authority of Allegheny County, local foundations and corporations, and local municipalities.

The final critical component of the funding puzzle is always donations from individuals in the community. The community stepped up to help make this project happen by raising the full $41,150 ahead of closing! Thank you to all who helped save this local land! 

Current Community Funding Status (updated: 3/15/2024)


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A map of the Lowries Run Slopes Expansion Project, which would connect ALT's Lowries Run Slopes with Ross Township's Marion Doulton Green Space along Lowries Run stream and road.

For more information on the project,  please find a dashboard linked here as a PDF.