Emerald View Park

Emerald View Park, Greenleaf Trail Pittsburgh, PA 15211

  • 25 Acres
  • 10 Miles of Trail
  • 1 Beautiful City Park
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Emerald View Park is ALT’s closest easement to downtown Pittsburgh. The green space connects with Grandview Overlook Park, Mount Washington Park, Olympia Park, and the Duquesne Heights Greenway creating a 257-acre ring of green space surrounding the neighborhoods of Duquesne Heights, Mount Washington, and Allentown. ALT holds an easement on the park, and the City of Pittsburgh owns the park. It was born out of a grassroots effort to protect Mount Washington’s steep hillsides and improve the quality of local park land. The map attached to this page includes the entire conservation area, not just our easement portion.

The park is located within a Peregrine Falcon Biological Diversity Area, which enhances the chance of seeing wildlife. The green space’s trail system is beautifully wooded, offering fantastic views from the hillside. The system boasts 10 miles of trail, featuring loops that range from one to four miles. Ultimately, the trail system will include a 9-mile main loop and almost 11 miles of secondary trails that connect to nearby regional trails and neighborhoods.


Since 2005, huge strides have been made in restoring the forested habitat, maintaining the spectacular views, clearing dump sites, building trails, and honoring the park’s land use history. With the help of many dedicated volunteers, seemingly insurmountable challenges are now a part of the park’s history.

ALT purchased a series of parcels between 2008 and 2010 that now form part of the park. Ownership was transferred to the city in 2010, and ALT maintains an easement on the park to ensure its permanent protection as green space.