Restricted Lands

Many of our conservation areas are open to the public, and they offer opportunities for passive recreation, education, and volunteering. Some of our green spaces, however, provide an environmental benefit to communities but are not ideal for exploring. These “restricted lands” are not open to the public as they may require crossing over a neighbor’s private property to access, do not have a trail system, and are not actively maintained for recreation. These lands are a conservation priority as they protect biodiversity, improve water quality, or protect a scenic landscape, but should be enjoyed from afar.

If you are looking for somewhere to explore, please take a look at one of our open Green Spaces.

Chartiers Greenway


Chartiers Greenway is a 12-acre, young, floodplain forest surrounded by Chartiers Creek and a local golf course. In late 2011, Allegheny Land Trust partnered with Upper St. Clair Citizens for Land Stewardship (USCCLS) to protect a greenway along Chartiers Creek. This property was high priority to serve as an overflow area at times of high water, and as a riparian buffer to help filter runoff flowing into Chartiers Creek.

Marino Preserve


Marino Preserve is a 63-acre, densely-wooded hollow bordered by private farmland and woods, which provide essential wildlife habitat in Washington County. It features an intermittent stream surrounded by wooded slopes. The stream flows into Plum Run, a western tributary of Chartiers Creek.

Pineview Heights

Pine View Heights

Pineview Heights is a 28-acre, steep, forested hillside in Elizabeth Township surrounded by private property and a utility transmission line. It’s small meadow-like ecosystem offers habitat for songbirds, and its young, forested canopy provides filtration for stormwater.