Our 25th Anniversary

In 1993, Allegheny Land Trust formed as a nonprofit to help local people save local land in response to an outcry for the protection of our region’s green space.

We now protect more than 2,100 acres of green space in the Pittsburgh region, and every Allegheny County resident lives within 12 miles of one of our conservation areas.

By protecting green space that contributes to our region’s unique scenic character, biodiversity, and water quality, and by providing opportunities for recreation and environmental education on these green spaces, we’re improving the quality of life for all in the Pittsburgh region.

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25th Anniversary Features

25 Supporters

ALT has thrived over the years thanks to hundreds of supporters ranging from casual volunteers to major donors. We’ll utilize our existing Supporter Stories page to share 25 stories of individuals who have helped shape ALT. Revisit this page and follow us on social media to see the stories as they’re released throughout 2018.