RFP: Survey for Wingfield Pines Conservation Area

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Please provide quote to complete survey for Wingfield Pines Conservation Area. Survey must include the information indicated in the email below (more than just a boundary). This is for a potential Learning Laboratory (building) on site. 

Project Property Wingfield Pines Conservation Area | Upper St. Clair Township, PA | 2 Separate parcels totaling 87.2 acres

  1. L&B 397-K-100
  2. L&B 480A-50

Property Owner Allegheny Land Trust, 416 Thorn St., Sewickley, PA 15143

General Requirements

1. Contact project manager to review requirements prior to performing work.

2. Visit site to understand scope prior to submitting bid, including meeting with Owner to

ascertain location of private on-site utilities.

3. Furnish title of survey, property location map, numerical and graphic scales, north arrow,

legend of symbols and abbreviations, bench mark datum, stamp or seal of registered

surveyor, and date.

4. Georeference survey to PA State Plane South NAD83 (feet) survey datum.

5. Provide Cadd electronic files at 1:1, in AutoCAD world coordinate system, with proper

north orientation. Survey base information shall be shown in this coordinate system with

bearings located in proper alignment.

6. Provide minimum three permanent control points/benchmarks (within site parcel on

permanent elements such as fire hydrant, manhole, inlet), indicating vertical elevation, and

northings and eastings.

7. Ensure that multiple layers (including spot elevations) do not read on top of each other

when viewed digitally or when printed. Survey will be used in 2-D as base mapping for

detailed design.

8. Separate, by layer, each component of survey, and label layers descriptively.

Boundary Survey Requirements

Provide boundary survey of Project Property, as follows:

1. Plot meets and bounds of overall property based on Deed Description. Label bearings and

distances of each property line segment.

2. On deed plot of boundary survey reference area of topographic survey.

3. Reference current LIDAR aerial and LIDAR 2’ contours for entire parcel to boundary


Topographic Survey Requirements

Provide Topographic Survey of Project Property, as follows:

A. Locate physical site features:

a. Buildings, exterior structures, walls, fences, driveways, roads, streets, mailboxes,

trails, curbs, gutters, downspouts, steps, walks, paved areas, signs, light poles, site

amenities. Indicate types of materials or surfaces, heights of walls and fences,

number of building stories.

b. Individual trees (with caliper size and drip line), and edges of wooded/brushy areas

(including trees 6” caliper and over within).

c. Streams and rivers, and rock formations or outcroppings.

d. Boundaries of existing fill or backfill materials.

e. Roads and streets (on and adjacent to parcel), including name, surface material,

cartway width, berm, R.O.W.’s, swales.

B. Indicate grades and spot elevations:

a. Spot elevations (tolerance to nearest tenth of foot) at ALL:

• Along each side of all walks and trails, intersections of walks.

• Top and bottom of noticeable breaks in grade.

• Top and bottom of walls, steps, landings, and curbs.

• Corners of building footprint, finished floor and door threshold elevations

and foundations, piers, bridges, culverts, wells, cisterns, towers.

• Base of individual trees over 2” caliper.

• Top and invert of drains, inlets, manholes, drainage swales.

• On grid approximately 20’-0 on center.

b. Plot contours at one foot interval, with tolerance of 0.25 feet, and at proper

elevation in Cadd file.

C. Locate Utilities:

a. Show location, size, material of pipe, direction of flow, gradient, surface and invert

elevation of sanitary and storm sewers; location, type and size of water and gas

lines, manholes, valve boxes, meter boxes, hydrants, fountains.; location of utility

poles, electric and telephone lines and fire alarm boxes; include all utilities above and

below ground. Locate oil and gas wells where applicable.

b. Locate utility easements and rights-of-ways and indicate ownership.

c. Perform a PA One Call and survey field markings. Provide serial number and date

on survey. Provide list of all utility companies who have utilities on-site, including

contact, name, address, telephone number and fax number.

d. Meet on-site with property owner to ascertain locations of private utility lines, and

have indicate such (location, direction, size, depth, invert) on the survey.

D. Indicate 100 year floodplain elevation on survey.


1. AutoCAD file containing:

a. Overall boundary survey plot by deed referenced to LIDAR aerial with 2’

contours and FEMA 100 year floodplain delineation

b. Detailed topographic survey of proposed shelter site and surrounding


2. PDF of each drawing above sealed by a PA Registered Surveyor.

For questions and to send quote – please contact :

Emilie C. Rzotkiewicz

VP of Stewardship

Allegheny Land Trust


416 Thorn St. Sewickley PA, 15143