Jim Lohman

This is from our 4th Quarter 2015 Vista’s “Meet A Steward” column.

Meet Jim Lohman. He is a frequent user of Wingfield Pines, and has been for more than 50 years.

He grew up in the area and can remember when the property was a golf course and swim club. He used to play a round of golf and then jump in the pool when he was a boy.

After a series of floods ran the golf course and swim club out of business, Jim would walk his dog Shiloh around the property. Now that ALT protects Wingfield Pines as a conservation area, Jim, along with many of the dog walking community at Wingfield Pines, refer to the green space as “Doggy Nirvana.” Jim is able to enjoy watching his own dog, Hunter, run around and swim in the ponds and creek on the property.

Jim and the community wanted to show their appreciation ALT for letting them walk their dogs on the property, especially for allowing an off-leash area. So, last year they organized a fundraiser called “Wingzilla”. They had the second annual Wingzilla this year on June 20th.

Along with a great turn out of people, and dogs, the community of Wingfield Pines was able to raise $750 to donate back to the Wingfield Pines Maintenance Fund.